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LSQLW-130-420Automatic diamond net winding machine
Product survey: This machine is used for the internal and external network of large space,Network processing of support net and dust filter core. It can complete the strip embossing - pull net - flatten - Reel Net -
technical parameter: Technical Parameter
Diameter range: Φ130mm---Φ420mm
production efficiency: 2841cExtranet/270pcs/H
Motor power: 4KW
Net width: 123mm
Thickness of steel plate: 0.4mm---0.5mm
Width of steel plate: 65mm
Applicable materials: Fingerprint resistant steelSECCN5Hot dip galvanized sheetDX52D
Occlusal style: Outside bite mouth inside flat
Working power supply: 380V 50HZ
Internal diameter of material: Φ450mm---Φ550mm
Cutting mode: Pneumatic cutting without cutting off
Outline size: 1800mmX1000mmX1500mm
Machine weight: 1500KG
Remarks: The diameter range can be customized 75--- 130
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